South Yarra Apartments - AM Architecture
folding to form views and space

South Yarra Apartments

South Yarra Apartments are two high amenity apartments on a small but uniquely positioned site.

The living areas are planned as north facing indoor/outdoor spaces. The apartments, positioned next to the leafy grounds of the South Yarra Library,  fill with dappled light that filters through the vibrant green of the library’s Golden Elms.

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The form of the building folds upwards, creating carefully selected views, controlling privacy between apartments and responding to sunlight.

This upward fold allows the ceiling line in the ground floor apartment to become an open plane, maximising views out of the apartment.

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“It’s a building that responds to the outdoors, and one of the most exciting places to sit is at the table on the first floor where you can enjoy a dual aspect. On one side you see the rooftops of small houses. On the other, you see the trees. It’s as if you’re sitting in a tree house.”


Andrew Mellios, Director, AM—Architecture.

Domain Magazine, The Age.

The first-floor balcony juts out into the trees, folding upward for privacy and forming a covered entry point for the ground floor apartment.

The front room allows views in all direction, with carefully positioned screens to provide privacy to the street.

South Yarra 2c P01

This building is conceived not so much as an object but a series of fluid internal and external spaces, with an open form folding to shape those spaces that allows a free flow of space within.