light, material, drama, volume

North Fitzroy House

This semi-detached dwelling on a narrow site, has been extended to provide two new levels of flowing living spaces, while responding sensitively to a heritage overlay.

 The conceptual heart of this home is the new black structure, a single pitched volume that mirrors the angles in the existing tiled roof and dramatically switches direction at the rear and allows sun penetration into the site and its surrounds.

Materials and colours drawn from the existing heritage portico are used internally and externally and together, they bind heritage with the new forms and reinforce connectivity across two distinct parts.

Nth Fitzroy House 2c P02

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Painted and bagged brickwork

At the core of the extension is the kitchen with a dramatic void above, containing winding stair, mezzanine main bedroom and a bridge to the en suite.

From this void space, northern and western light filters down to the kitchen below, reflecting off surfaces and materials, as light and shadow change, pending the season and time of day.

The drama of the double-height void is counterbalanced by cosy dining and living spaces, with a living area that opens onto a north facing garden.

Nth Fitzroy House 2c L02

This is a home that maximises the space available to it, using height to expand and compress areas, while displaying changing patterns of light across the various materials and textures.

In doing so, it creates amenity, excitement, and ever-changing interest, both inside and outside.

Nth Fitzroy House 2c P08

Nth Fitzroy House 2c P06

Nth Fitzroy House 2c P07

“As the light changes in intensity, so do the colours that filter in, which gives a great transition from afternoon to evening and then to night,” says the owner.”


“Not having to turn on electric lights in the main living area until the sun has exhausted itself is a very gratifying feeling.”



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