a quiet silouette

Prahran House

The original Victorian worker’s cottage was built in the 1890s and sits among others of its type and style in the neighbourhood. With a Grade A2 classification in the Stonnington Heritage Policy, it has both historic and cultural significance.

The addition of a two-storey volume to the existing one-bedroom, 62-square-metre dwelling was an undertaking in sensitive and appropriate design.

Prahran House 2c P09

To ensure the old and the new co-exist in harmony, a subtle yet defined new gable silhouette with a façade of black perforated metal has been introduced to form a respectful and quiet shadow to this heritage dwelling.

While there is connection between forms, the black perforated screen offers a clear differentiation between the heritage and contemporary works.

Prahran House 2c P08

“The addition removes itself stylistically and recedes from the original dwelling but at the same time makes a respectful connection to the original architecture.” 


Andrew Mellios, Director, AMArchitecture.

Prahran House 2c P07

External materials of horizontal timber and perforated metal are repeated internally as natural unfinished versions, bringing texture and warmth to the interior and conjoining the interior and exterior to form a larger whole.

With new indoor/outdoor living areas, a new bathroom, main bedroom and en suite on the first level, this alteration and addition has extended the life of the original home, embracing today’s standards while maintaining its original character and heritage significance.

Prahran House 2c P04

Prahran House 2c P01