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luminous, floating, reaching out to landscape

Elwood House

Elwood House is a stately California Bungalow by the beach, where new works bind heritage and garden into a cohesive whole, via an exciting new renovation and addition.

Shadowplay on textured stucco wall, leading to outdoor shower and swimming pool. Architects Melbourne.

View from Heritage renovation of connection to outdoors. Architects Melbourne.

The new spaces achieve a strong connection to the existing heritage dwelling through a consistent character and intensity of detail and material.

                                                                                      Elwood House 2c P02
Elwood House 2c P12

Subtle heritage references allow the new interiors to sit comfortably with the heritage dwelling, creating a cohesive whole.

New elements have been drawn from heritage detailing, such as an existing pergola on the original façade, stucco surfaces, intricate timberwork, and the heavy brick base –  all reinterpreted in a unique architectural expression.

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Heritage details of the original Californian Bungalow

The conceptual heart of Elwood House is a ceiling of broad white floating rafters that reference a pergola on the existing dwelling. The floating ceiling plane reaches out into the landscape, unifying interior and exterior living, old and new architecture.

Elwood House 2c P05

A custom table designed by the architects extends marble from the kitchen to meals.

“…..the new addition at Elwood house literally breathes fresh air into this home. When the doors are open the outside merges with the inside and the airflow promotes relaxation and wellbeing.”


Architecture at the Heart of the Home by Jan Henderson and Dianna Snape. Published in 2021 by Thames and Hudson.

Elwood House 2c P10

Elwood House 2c P07

Soft textures and ceiling rhythms create beautifully tactile spaces, extending outside to welcome the outdoors in.

A red brick base extends from the Californian Bungalow to form a new broad podium, in contrast to the textural white stucco.

Elwood House 2c P08

Returning from the beach to the pool, via the outdoor shower.

” Elwood House is a direct response to our client’s wish for an outdoor lifestyle, suitable to living in their new beachside suburb.”


Andrew Mellios, Director, AM—Architecture.