in trees and dappled light

Camberwell House

Camberwell House is a mid-century home situated on a unique L-shaped site. It overlooks a beautiful leafy park, with a new alteration and addition, designed to complement the established trees, receive sunlight throughout the day and provide views of the surrounding green vista.

Camberwell House 2c P01

The entrance was re-routed to a new split-level pavilion forming the kitchen and living areas, as well as creating newly defined zones for children, parents and guests. The existing architecture of clinker brick was retained and drawn inside to bookend a lofty timber pavilion that emerges from the space.

Camberwell House 2c P05

Camberwell House 2c P06

Large, glazed windows provide connectivity to the garden outside and steel connections, braces, simple lighting and venetian blinds, reference the detailing of mid-century design.

As wooden posts form the boundaries of the new pavilion and support a timber-lined canopy overhead, there is connection to the park through the expansive height and view.

Camberwell House 2c P02

Camberwell House 2c P04

A modern fireplace descends from the ceiling and floats above the floor between timber furniture groups that provide comfort for family and guests.

Camberwell House has created room for a family to grow, within lofty and sun-drenched spaces. The park has become a garden that is drawn into the home and the connection to the natural surrounds and sunlight outside is immersive.

‘The design process was a pleasure. This project just flowed out of a combination of the client’s brief, and a practical solution to the site, and I think we found some magic. It’s a simple but potent idea, on a beautiful site, resolved well’.


Andrew Mellios, via The Design Files – A Pavillion in the trees. January 2018