Upon arriving at this beautiful site, there was a natural desire to traverse the gentle slope, through the Moonah’s and Tea Trees to a sunlit plateau with stunning views across Portsea and the bay. This spot, the site’s highlight, became our north lawn.

At the heart of the site, on the lawn’s edge, we placed the living spaces and main bedroom, within a pavilion designed to blend with the landscape. This pavilion opens up completely on both sides in favourable weather, merging indoor and outdoor spaces with the surrounding nature and capturing the sea breeze.

Responding to our clients’ wish for uninterrupted views, we designed a monumental in-situ concrete roof that achieves wide spans without obstructing the scene.




Am Architecture Portsea 2c P01

The living areas and swimming pool are enveloped by a large swathe of native grasses from which rises the raw roof form.

Am Architecture Portsea 2c P03

The architectural form splays out into the landscape, integrating the garden into its core and ensures that north light reaches every area to create a seamless connection with the outdoors.

This design divides spaces into separate zones for adults and children, enhancing functionality and comfort for a large family’s lifestyle.

There is limited use of plasterboard throughout the interior, instead, washed out and aged timber surfaces add texture and warmth within.


Am Architecture Portsea 2c P08

The informal entry has greater status in this beach house. Come around the back !

The in situ concrete roof has a raw presence that interplays with the native landscape.

Am Architecture Portsea 2c P10

Looking forward to sharing more photography soon.